A World Without Walls 2010
”An International Conference on Peacebuilding, Reconciliation and Globalization in an Interdependent World”

(Berlin, 6th - 10th November 2010)

December 25th

The Last Days of Ceausescu

President's execution brings revolution to an end
December 25th: The execution of Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu would serve as the climax to the bloody revolution that had swept Romania since security forces opened fire on protesters in the city of Timasoara on December 17th.

Ceausescu was found guilty and executed in a hastily-prepared trial by the Council of National Salvation, a temporary government consisting of former senior communist officials who ordered Cueasescu be arrested as he attempted to flee the capital of Bucharest.

Prior to his execution, Ceausescu's brutal attempts to put down the uprising were met with criticism and condemnation from almost every nation in the world. Tanks roamed the streets of Bucharest as Ceausescu ordered the execution of anyone found openly rebelling against the government. The borders of Romania were ordered closed so neither people nor information could find its way into the outside world.

Ceausescu felt assured that the protests had been smashed as he left the country for an official state visit to Iran. But upon his return, he was shocked to discover that not only had opposition to his rule increased, but that the army was now firmly allied with the people.

Chances of his government surviving the revolution would die with Ceausescu.

As Christmas day arrived, Ceausescu was gone and a new era began in Romania.