The Berlin Freedom of Expression Forum

Censorship and Freedom in Traditional and New Media: The Revolution of Media as a tool of Freedom of Expression

(Berlin, International Conference, February 28th - March 2nd, 2012)

Event Introduction

The Berlin  Freedom of Expression Forum is an annual conference on the issue of Freedom of Expression. The aim of the conference this year is to reflect on the concepts of freedom and censorship and look at both past and potential challenges to realizing complete freedom of expression?. Focusing on the role of the media, The Berlin Freedom of Expression Forum will evaluate the tools in which freedom of expression can take place.

With the transition from the traditional bi-polar international structure towards a more multi-polar world understanding state perspectives, different cultures and different traditions is important if the international system is to remain stable. The concept of Freedom of Expression is becoming more relevant as more states gain influence within the system as a whole. Looking at each state, it is clear that there is no one objective definition of the concept and recent world events, such as the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement, have highlighted the importance of discussing the significance of freedom of expression as a whole. This conference aims to approach these issues and evaluate the role of technology, the disparities and trends in press freedom, democracy and censorship, and the role of social media.

Conference Participants »

The conference is open to applications from governmental and diplomatic officials, civil society practitioners, young professionals, students and scholars, private sector representatives, journalists, and other interested stakeholders from across the world.

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Certificate of Attendance

All participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which provides details about the speakers and topics at the conference.

Conference Speakers »

Speakers during the conference will include leading figures and experts from civil society, international politics, academia, diplomacy, and the private sector from across the world. These speakers will include a number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board.

Participant Papers »

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy encourages research and progressive thought on the fields of culture, globalization, and international relations. As such, the ICD welcomes participants of the conference to submit relevant papers addressing topics within these fields particular to their interests and passions. Participants can submit papers written in the past for other purposes or ongoing research, or written specifically for the conference. Groups of students are also allowed to submit collaborative pieces of work.

Conference Agenda »

The goal of the International Freedom of Expression Forum is to induce new momentum in the debates surrounding the concept of ?Freedom of Expression?. With such prominence in discussions about democracy, human rights and inter-state relations, ?Freedom of Expression? is a vital tool within Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations.

Founded loosely on the 1776 American Declaration of Independence, in which ?liberty? is regarded as an inalienable right, the academic field of International Relations has explored the many arguments surrounding ?freedom?. In today?s rapidly globalizing world, the meaning of ?Freedom of Expression? and the consequences it has on personal, national and international relationships, however, is becoming more and more significant and as such The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy regards the issue as one of much importance.

In discussing the issues that surround the concept of ?Freedom of Expression, issues such as freedom as an inalienable right, the consequences of such freedom and the right to censorship, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy hopes to facilitate new tools to promote international relationships and cooperation in a globalized world. The Conference seeks to achieve a deeper understanding of the complexities and the importance of ?freedom of expression? in an expanding international system.