The IPAHP Violence Prevention Project

(Initiative on the UN Genocide Convention)

(The project aims to initiate programs and activities that will reduce violent conflicts and the use of violence in daily life)


“Nothing good ever comes of violence” Martin Luther

Growing academically-based research demonstrates and supports the claims that the use of all forms of violence, whether it be in the form of armed conflicts, international crime, the abuse of women and children, to verbal violence are all on the rise. The IPAHP is deeply concerned from this growing global use of violence in recent years and therefore has initiated the IPAHP Violence Prevention Project.

The IPAHP is dedicated to tackling issues of violence and to initiate ongoing activities, which will include a diverse group of programs, in order to work together with decision makers, NGOs and private sectors in order to reduce the outspread use of violence around the globe at the local, national and international levels.

The IPAHP is particularly concerned with issues of political and religious conflicts and has developed specific programs to tackle these kinds of conflicts.