Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: An Introduction


The Bosnia Conflict

The Bosnian Conflict, which began in March 1992, and ended in November of 1995 was a conflict that many analysts and human rights organisations criticised. One of the greatest mistakes was made in the town of Srebrenica where over 7,000 Muslim men and boys along with 25,000-30,000 refugees were ruthlessly killed, despite the fact the area was listed as a ?Safe Haven? by the United Nations. Although it was ruled by 400 Dutch peacekeepers, the town was seized and the peacekeepers watched helplessly as the innocent lives were taken. The international community was critical of the United Nations for failing to deal with the incident efficiently, and in a report created in 1999 detailing the conflict, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said the world should accept responsibility, and that no one party should be singled out. The Srebrenica massacre is, to this day, seen as one of the greatest failures of the United Nations.